I hate me

IYesterday I wrote I was going through some weird medical stuff. Well…here’s the story:

Wednesday I went to go get a physical exam for my summer job, to make sure I won’t “die while working” (That is literally what the company doctor said. Very comforting.) They placed me against dozens of tests, and I did great. The only problem was that one came up with very strange results (hematuria). Unfortunately, the company’s official policy is that no one can start working until all medical problems are checked out by a physician.

So I went to the hospital today… I had some nurse put her hands all over me, and gave so much blood and urine I could barely walk out of there. And the only thing they could tell me is they had no idea what was wrong with me. 

Lets cross our fingers, and hope I’m not dieing. That would suck. 


One response to “I hate me

  1. I have a friend who has the symptoms of hematuria. His is so severe that he doesn’t just have discoloration, but actual blood clots passing as he urinates. He is freaked out of his mind, and all the doctors (specialists, too) can say is ‘we don’t know what’s wrong’. If your docs come up with an answer, post it for the rest of us who are ‘dying’ to know, k?

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