Wisdom of the Ages

Awhile back I went to the grocery store, and noticed an old man in a wheelchair waiting outside. As I move up the curb towards the front door, I hear:

“Young man, can you come here a second?”

The old man probably just wanted to know what time it was. As I turned around he said:

“With all my years on this earth I have discovered the keys to true happiness. And since you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age I’m going to tell you them. Would you like to hear ?”

Of course, not passing up the chance to hear the philosophies of an 80 year old man I said yes. I mean this man has most likely experienced more in his life than any of us could imagine. The old man smiles…

“The keys to true happiness are fast women, and cheap liquor”

Hmmm… That makes sense.


2 responses to “Wisdom of the Ages

  1. That is some sage advice my friend.

  2. And Will followed it – although I like my liquor on the expensive side.

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