All you need is love

The recent wedding commotion has re-inspired me in my search for Mrs. Right (Mrs. Caveman if you may).

I have had only one serious relationship which was a couple of years back. She (lets call her Roxie) was beautiful, funny, and smart. Me and “Roxie” were inseparable, but alas we were only kids and with time we grew apart… After that I’ve had many occasions if I hadn’t of wait so long, or hadn’t just been a stupid nervous wreck things would be different. Its just life, I guess. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. Until I find that special lady, I’m going to study like it was a test. 

Plus its pretty difficult to find someone who likes Zombie movies, comics, giant cookies, and Blueberry Pop-tarts.

In other news:

Not a lot of people know this but I am a HUGE Beatles fan, and before Spiderman 3 there was a trailer for a movie called Across the Universe.

Across the Universe is about a dock worker Jude who travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father. There he falls in love with sheltered American teenager Lucy. When her brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, they become involved in peace activism. And its told through Beatles songs. Yay!


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