Little Swee’Pea

While on the topic of classic cartoons, there has a question that has bugged me for ages: What’s up with Swee’Pea from the old Popeye cartoons?

I mean is he Olive’s kid, is he Popeye’s kid, or is he a orphan. I personally believe that he’s the bastard son of both Olive and Popeye (they were never married), which is the most likely of all the choices.

I find this strange, do to the fact the cartoon was first produced in the 30’s. 

Toot Toot!


2 responses to “Little Swee’Pea

  1. Swee’Pea was originally an abandoned baby who Popeye found and adopted.'Pea

    I do not think they ever cleared it up in the cartoon universe, though.

  2. Swee’Pea was a foundling. Since Popeye would have known if Olive was pregnant, I suspect that Swee’Pea was conceived between Olive and her previous boyfriend, Harold Hamgravy. No proof, just conjecture.

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