Can’t keep a blogger down

I’d like to thank my idol Nina for linking to me a little while back, that was a real awesome thing to do.

But it left me with a bit of a visit high… At the peak I had 99 visits to this blog in one day, 250 in 4 days. Now that I’m back down to 1-5 visits a day (Hey Guys!) I feel a little empty. In an attempt to regain the coolness of 99 visits a day I’m going to try a few things:

  1. I could learn to write better. Which probably won’t happen. Although I am planing to purchase “No One Cares What You Had for Lunch:
    100 Ideas For Your Blog”
     So check back after I get some money.
  2. I’m going to link to a bunch of places. Hey, it worked last time… Will, Nina, Jenn, Maggie, Matthew, Steve, RobWaiter, another Jenn, Robert, and Jon. When they look at their Technorati, they’ll see me and they’ll say “Who the hell is that guy?”. Also if anyone listed above finds their way here please say hi, I barely get any comments (except for Will
  3. I’ve notice I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people searching for “things cavemen discovered” So…I’m going to list some of the most searched words on the Internet, which are: lyrics, jokes, ebay, maps, games, warez, napster, song lyrics, dictionary, mp3, serial numbers, money, free internet access, Japan, sports, and humor.       
    My hope is when people search these words they’ll find me.

So those are some of my ideas for get more visits. I just can’t wait till I’ve been doing this long enough to obtain a fan base like The Slack Daily, and Be the Boy.

(P.S. Don’t be a lurker, COMMENT!) 


6 responses to “Can’t keep a blogger down

  1. I don’t know exactly how people come and read – like I’ve said before, I’ve been doing this for so long that I didn’t know you *could* promote yourself!

    The other thing that helps is commenting on other people’s blogs. People get curious and will follow you back here.

    Everyone starts somewhere!


  2. You know that theory you had, about linking to a bunch of places, so that you would get Will, or Nina, or Jenn, Maggie, Matthew, Steve, Rob, Waiter, Jenn, Robert and Jon to leave comments on your site? Yeah, that worked!
    Technorati! Voila!
    I’m scouring the internet for references to celebrity captchas, and it ain’t happening! Drat!

  3. It just takes time to build a readership.

    Also, it helps not to suck but you are doing ok there.

  4. vintagecaveman

    thanks will, the fact that I’m not totally sucking means alot coming from you.

    Also thanks for the comments rob, and Slackmistress

    I love you guys.

  5. Hey. I wasn’t linked to, which is okay cuz… um… it is. Still, you’re in my bookmarks, which I was perusing and sorting and, as Rob said, “Voila”, a magically appearing comment, complete with more commas than is absolutely necessary. Mind you, I am also remarkably good at saying less than nothing while eating up hours of valuable time. Wordy much?!

    I’ll say.

  6. So wait… you linked to me to manipulate me into reading your blog?
    That’s… that’s… it’s… working! 😉

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