Blogging from the North

I live in the lovely state of Maine, and have always wondered why there weren’t any big-name bloggers from the north. I’ve scoured the net, and all my favorite bloggers live in or around California. This has always stumped me…

But then, as I was walking outside the other day it hit me… IT’S TO FRICKEN COLD! Genius as seen in some of the biggy blogs cannot be inspired a frigged climate. Even as I write this I have 3 layers on, and I am struggling to come up with something coherent. But I am trying to bridge the gap.

So I greet you with open arms my Californian brothers, and sisters. Much love.

Thanks, and could someone turn up the damn heat.


One response to “Blogging from the North

  1. Actually, one of my favorite bloggers lives in Maine:
    Not much writing about pop tarts though, I’m afraid.

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