My Dog, Dagwood

So here he is:


Caveman’s Best Friend


This is the most awesomely, awesome animal EVER! I love this big blob so much.

We first got him about 2 years ago, when my family and I were planning to move out to the country. We found him on a local animal shelter’s website, and he was incredibly affectionate and friendly.

Dagwood was originally from Florida, but a series hurricanes forced his first owner to relocate to Maine, and when the first owner couldn’t find room for him he had to give him up. Your loss, Sucker!

Actually Dagwood isn’t a dog, he’s a large mass of brown marshmallow that loves to eat


Dagwood Fun Facts

Full Name: Dagwood Milhouse-Jones Dudley (not my last name, but his)

Breed: Half Lab, Half Doberman, ALL PARTY!

Age: Almost 6 

Likes: Food, Belly Rubs, Francis Ford Coppola, Sleeping, and Dante’s Inferno

Dislikes: No Food, The War in Iraq, Having To Stay Out Side, Small Dogs, and Close Mindedness

Favorite Sandwich: The Reuben (he likes the corned beef)

Favorite Tree: Redwood


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